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J. Kärkkäinen Oy is one of the largest privately owned shopping centers in Finland. Turnover during last accounting period was over 130 million Euros.

Mr. Juha Kärkkäinen owns 100 stock units and Mrs. Leena Kärkkäinen 10 stock units. Totally there are 110 stock units.

Our customers are mainly from middle and north of Finland. Also many Finnish and foreign travelers visit us on their holiday due to our low prices, wide range of products and good service and ensure the quality of their holiday.

The range of items that we sell vary widely. You can find over 150,000 different products. Kärkkäinen is a non-food store, however we do sell pet food and snack food for example chips and sweets.

We are independent from all department store groups. In this way we can give our customers better prices and customer satisfaction than our competitors. From February 2003 we have had our stores in Ylivieska and Oulu.

Kärkkäinen Express in Ii was opened in 2007. The store in Lahti was opened in February 2009 and is located in the outskirts of Lahti, in Renkomäki.

Suomi Trading is a wholesaler owned by J. Kärkkäinen Oy. Our growing product range currently has about 5000 product lines, of which the largest are hand tools, children’s accessories, gifts, outdoor and leisure products and sporting equipment.

Kärkkäinen´s business-to-business sales offers quality brands under one roof. The starting point for operation is a genuine interest in the fact that corporate customers can focus on their core business. Services are carried out by the professional staff with emphasis on affordability and ease of purchase: one supplier, one invoice and one delivery. Kärkkäinen´s business-to-business sales offers office and computer supplies, household goods, tools, and business gifts and promotional products.

Kärkkäinen Web Oy is a web shop. There is a wide selection of retail products in our web shop. The product range currently consists of thousands of “non-food” articles. Our range is constantly expanding. We are open 24 hours every day, allowing you to shop in peace and quiet at our wide range

Kärkkäinen´s contact persons:
CEO Juha Kärkkäinen 0104303510
Purchasing Director Juha Saarela 010 430 3517
Commercial Director Antti Korkiakoski 0104303509
Financial Manager Tuovi Komulainen 0104303540